The condition of your hair is extremely important when it comes to hair colour. Hair that is in good condition accepts and holds on to colour better. Our range of specially formulated care products work as part of our System to repair the structure of your hair from deep inside the cortex through to the outer cuticle layers, whilst also nourishing, protecting and maintaining excellent hair health.

The Organic Colour Systems Care range allows you to address the specific needs of hair and offer a bespoke service with results that are instantly visible. Damage, dry, brittle and lifeless hair can be restored to its optimum health in just one treatment. Healthy hair provides you with a canvass to create rich, healthy colour that lasts. Our care range is free from SLS, SLES and sodium chloride (salt) and uses 100% natural fragrances.

Organic Colour Systems Control Styling is our range of natural styling products, designed for professional use. We don’t believe in using aerosols, nor other harsh chemical ingredients, that’s why we developed our class-leading range of styling products which give outstanding finish and shine. From a stand out heat protection product, to volume, to a textured matt finish, the Control Styling range has it all.


Organic Colour Systems is the first-ever vegan-friendly, ammonia, paraben, and resorcinol free, salon professional permanent hair colours. OCS optimises the use of natural and certified organic ingredients and minimize the use of harsh chemical additives.

OCS's permanent colours are gluten-free, high performing and contain the lowest possible levels of PPD/PTD pigment (the essential ingredient needed to make hair colour permanent). With 64 inter-mixable shades in the range, our permanent colours work within the hair’s optimum pH levels. Our patented and dermatologically tested gel formula features a unique blend of natural, certified organic ingredients and a green science, which work to nourish and protect the hair during the colouring process allowing you to create bespoke, beautiful and long-lasting colour for your clients.


No Limits are vegan friendly, PPD and PTD free semi-permanent hair colours. Lasting between 3 and 30 washes, there are 12 inter-mixable colours in the range. No Limits give you the freedom to create bespoke hair colour for your clients without the the long term commitment. With a natural conditioning and protein rich base the No Limits range uses direct dyes and can therefore be used without peroxide. No Limits are perfect for clients who aren’t ready to make a permanent change or are sensitive to oxidative pigments (PPD/PTD/PTDS).

They are also an ideal retail item for clients who go longer between salon visits and may want to refresh their colour at home.


Enriched with plant amino acids, Think Curl™ nourishes and protects hair throughout the perming process. Unlike most perms, Think Curl™ is free from ‘Ammonium Thioglycolate’, ‘Ammonia’, ‘SLS and SLES, which are known to irritate the skin, nasal passages and weaken the hair. Instead we adopt a much gentler approach, utilising ‘Cysteamine Hydrochloride’ which has the unique benefit of mimicking the ‘Cysteine Amino Acid’, helping to reform and strengthen the bonds within the hair.

As part of the Think Curl™ system we also have a separate ‘activator’ which can be added to the lotion to adjust the pH according to the hair type, making Think Curl™ suitable for use on any head of hair, even the most damaged.


Maximum Strength Keratin Smoothing Treatment Featuring our proprietary KERABOND Technology, this maximum strength keratin smoothing treatment offers superior curl reduction, shine and smoothing for even the most resistant and unruly types of hair. This special formula contains cacao seed butter, a powerful antioxidant that nourishes and protects the hair from styling and environmental elements. Wheat and rice proteins smoothen, repair and reduce frizz. Also enriched with collagen for amazing strength, repair and elasticity. Reduces excess volume and frizz and delivers long-lasting nourishment and protection for up to 16 weeks. Safe for color-treated hair.